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“Wadd’ya mean, – It won’t cut out?  

“Wadd’ya mean, – It won’t cut out?  

  “Wadd’ya mean, – It won’t cut out?  

How to determine “minimum blank size”. I speak with a lot of lab owners, managers, sales staff and reps. It seems that they all share similar frustrations. One of those frustrations is having to call practices to tell them that the prescription lens order they placed will not achieve the required PD using the lens choice of the order. It won’t cut out! Meaning that the lenses ordered will not achieve the ordered PD.

It won’t cut out!

But what does this really mean? To the many experienced Optical dispensers/ opticians across the globe, this is a no brainer. But there are many practices who rely on sales staff, optical assistants or even qualified dispensers who have forgotten more than some will ever know, or those who choose lazy practices when ordering. It means a decision on changing the lens type and a delay to the customer.

When your lab calls to say; “This job won’t cut out”. or, “we need to use bigger blanks” or, “we have to grind these lenses”. What do you say? More importantly, what do you do? Because we seriously do have problems.

It should never get to this

If we’d ordered the right lenses in the first place a lot of time could be saved. Some simple calculations and understandings will help us with the issue of cut out every time!

It is the primary role of dispensing staff to position a spectacle lens in direct relationship to the wearer’s pupil. We have to get it right.

Spectrum Optical will be conducting workshops on, “Wadd’ya mean, – It won’t cut out? Along with other exciting and useful topics in the major Australian capital cities during 2019.  These short workshops can really help you and the practice you represent, get it right. Keep your eye out for dates near you and Leigh Robinson’s dispensing articles in Insight.

  • Jeff Gorton
    Posted at 19:15h, 07 February Reply

    Yep still an issue for labs. I recall having a ‘spirited discussion’ with a customer who wanted to order a 76mm Plano stock lens……because they wanted to be able to decenter it to achieve 1.5D prism. Would not accept that it had to be a grind lens.

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