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Twenty-four exciting skill sets to select from. Pick the unique training needs for your practice and in consultation with Spectrum Optical you can have the perfect training model that best suits your staff. We offer this in-house, at practice conferences, staff meetings, within business hours or evenings and week-ends.


Spectrum of WH&S

Establishing the message of a safe workplace, managing risk, identifying hazards, responsibilities and incident reporting.


Spectrum of legal and ethical requirements

Legislation, ethics, duty of care, consumer rights, discrimination, confidentiality & Aust. Privacy Principles.


Spectrum of the ophthalmic industry

Industry overview of where we all fit in.


Spectrum of the incredible eye

A simple explanation of how the eye works, for a better understanding


Spectrum of refractive error

How the eye works and the process of correcting vision


Spectrum of variation of normal function

Eye disorders simply explained.


Spectrum of the patient experience

Patient enquiries, appointments, diary management, record cards, confidentiality, optical terminology and reading out prescriptions.


Spectrum of lenses

Making the right lens choice, lens types, materials, refractive index, Abbe value, base curve, MSU (will it cut out) and grind vs stock.


Spectrum of frames

Frame types, designs, materials, boxing and datum measurements and parts.


Spectrum of frame selection

Successful frame selection based on size, fashion, lifestyle, use, prescription needs, anatomical detail and correct fit.


Spectrum of facial measurements

Various methods for measuring PDs and heights for SV, SV Aspherics, bifocals & progressive lenses.


Spectrum of contact lenses

Contact lens types, materials, wearing modalities, permeability, insertion, removal and hygiene


Spectrum of interpreting and ordering prescriptions

Transposing, add power & prism, stock or grind, centration, base curve, thickness, cut out, checking details, knowing your labs requirements.

Spectrum of eye protection

Sunglasses, tints & coatings, polarized lenses, photochromic lenses and safety glasses.


Spectrum of customer service

Customer service, sales techniques, handling enquiries, closing the sale, handling; “how much will that be?”, the browser and final delivery.


Spectrum of frame adjustments

Standard alignment, correct frame adjustment, adjustment tools and their correct use.


Spectrum of frame repairs

General repairs incl. nylon and rimless plug replacement.


Spectrum of common problems

Trouble shooting common patient problems with a focus on progressive addition lenses.


Spectrum of power meridians

Using the optical cross to interpret power, anticipating basic lens thickness.


Spectrum of prism

What is prism and why is it on a prescription, prism base direction, splitting prism, induced, wanted and unwanted prism.


Spectrum of focimetry – Final checking

Verification of correct order details, frame, tints, Rx, lens material, lens type, PDs, heights and special instructions. (manual focimeter required)


Spectrum of focimetry – Marking up

If edging done in practice. (manual focimeter required)


Spectrum of focimetry – Neutralising

Neutralising spectacle Rx, frame, tints, lens material, lens type and centration. (manual focimeter required)


Spectrum of technology

Practice management systems and using social media to best effect.

(Not available – currently under development)

Pricing for Flexible courses is subject to negotiation. To enquire, please contact info@spectrumoptical.com.au, call 03 8589 7669 or use the form below.


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  • Induction to Optics

  • Introduction to Dispensing

  • Intermediate Dispensing

  • Advanced Dispensing