Spectrum Optical is in a unique position to provide business consultation combined with expert and flexible staff training options. To help you to advance your practice staff`s confidence through knowledge.
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Twenty-four exciting skill sets to select from. Pick the unique training needs for your practice and in consultation with Spectrum Optical you can have the perfect training model that best suits your staff. We offer this in-house, at practice conferences, staff meetings, within business hours or evenings and week-ends.

Induction to Optics

Ideally positioned for the new optical assistant.  Designed to impart basic skills to your new employees that will enable them to become a valuable member of the practice team.

Introduction to Dispensing

Introduction to Dispensing is designed for the optical assistant, to impart new skill sets and basic insights into optics, enabling participants to become valuable members of the practice team.

Intermediate Dispensing

A course modelled for the optical assistant who wants to progress their career development.  Providing new skill sets with deeper insight and reasoning and the very popular interactive hands-on workshops, participants can cement themselves as invaluable members of the practice team.

Advanced Dispensing

Created for the more experienced optical dispenser who may have ‘forgotten more than some will ever know’, or the optical assistant who has learnt on the job and has not undergone any formal optical training. This one day course is also the perfect extension for those who have completed the Intermediate Dispensing course. A fun, lighthearted and relevant approach to today`s optics, this one day is a must.