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Spectrum Optical is in a unique position to provide business consultation combined with expert and flexible staff training options. To help you to advance your practice staff`s confidence through knowledge.
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SO Optical Assistant


If our incredible ophthalmic industry is a coat of many colours, then it can also be said that the optical assistant wears many hats of different colours. What an exciting role this truly is, where there is opportunity for an employee to be an all round star in;


  • Fashion
  • Health
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Retail sales
  • Administration

The incredible optical assistant has an immensely complex and often underestimated job role;


They must have an understanding of, prescriptions, the eye test process, visual activity and variations of normal function of the eye, eye conditions, and also dispense glasses and contact lenses. As well, optics as a second language is initially difficult.


Practice staff also must have the desire to:


  • Help others
  • Understand patient fears
  • Promote patient relationships
  • Promote patient loyalty and recommendation
  • Know their job role


Optical assistants can`t be expected to refer all patient enquiries to the other members of staff as this proves both costly and inefficient in terms of practice management, patient satisfaction and it also fosters disengagement in the individual staff member.

Your staff should and will be your greatest asset, foster the relationship to the benefit of the practice and your patients.


The incredible optical assistant`s role is to:

  • Meet and greet the patients
  • Answer telephones
  • Manage appointments
  • Manage patient disappointments and grievances
  • Interpret ophthalmic prescriptions
  • Determining patient lifestyle and vocational needs
  • Conducting accurate patient measurements
  • Advise patients on spectacle lens design and extras for best vision
  • Advise patients on spectacle frame choice for fashion and function
  • Advise patients on best sunglasses choice
  • Advise patients on best safety spectacle choice
  • Advise patients on best contact lenses and care
  • Advising patients on best use of their spectacles
  • Adjusting spectacle frames for best comfort and use
  • Advise on the theory and application of ophthalmic products
  • Placing orders
  • Checking jobs
  • Patient job management
  • Administration
  • Patient records management
  • Frame repairs
  • Pre testing procedures
  • Contact lens teaches, handling and hygiene care

Spectrum of Front Office Skills

  • Meet and greet
  • Telephone manner
  • Practice diary
  • Appointments & prioritise practice management
  • Processing the patient
  • Health Insurance processing
  • Medicare processing
  • Reconciliations and banking
  • Filing
  • Stock control (Inventory & invoices)
  • Pre-testing processes
  • Eye test
  • Three-way handover
  • Pick up & delay advice
  • Collections and adjustment
  • Collection and payment
  • Last impact opportunity
  • Service call

Spectrum of Dispensing Skills

  • Interpretation of the prescription (Rx
  • Measurements
  • Frame selection
  • Lens selection
  • Frame Adjustments
  • Frame repairs
  • Prescription (Rx) ordering
  • Checking jobs from lab
  • Checking contact lens delivery

Spectrum of Sales Skills

  • Merchandising
  • Sunglasses
  • Product knowledge
  • Sales skills
  • Know the customers
  • Address Patient Fears
  • Lifestyle and vocational needs
  • Avoid your own tastes
  • Price

The Incredible Optical Assistant`s Guiding Principles

  • Appearance
  • Behavior
  • Communication skills
  • Dependability and initiative
  • Cooperative
  • Productive
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